At this time I am looking for a registered Cream Draft stallion to help preserve the highly endangered breed.

I fell in love with American Cream Drafts when I met my Cream Draft gelding, Scout in 2017.  I learned there are less than 600 left in the world.  I felt an obligation to make a difference.

Read more about them HERE at American Cream Draft Horse Association's website.

Ricky in 2014 - 20 yrs old

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A&H Strikers Shocker

A & H Strikers Shocker, registered1994 Percheron stallion (now retired), aka "Ricky", Garnet and Jasper's sire. 

His athleticism, overall laid-back attitude and gentle temperament around children and foals remains remarkable.

He now lives with friends southeast of Dallas, still flirting with the girls every chance he gets.