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Gustav Du Vallon, Drum stallion


Pinto Draft gelding (75% draft) April 7, 2014

Casper Du Vallon, Gus' grandsire

Deerinwater Dixie Fire Fly, Gus' dam


Jasper and Garnet - 2015

GUS is a 2013 Premium Drum Horse gelding registered with the International Drum Horse Association.  IDHA #D0470S.  He is black tovero, veternarian certified 16h tall.  He is in the process of being cross-registered with the GCDHA.  He is a 4th generation Drum Horse.  Gus loves attention and is curious and gentle. The white ticking throughout his dark coat, giving him a roan appearance, is due to the W20 dominant white gene.  We expect some colorful foals from Gus in 2017/2018.  Gus was gelded in January 2018.

Gus has DNA tested heterozygous black, heterozygous tobiano and also carries the W20 dominant white gene. He is bay agouti negative and PSSM negative.    Bb-Tt-aa-W20

King Rocky, Gus' great-grandsire

SOLD!  Congratulations to Julia of New Mexico!

Jasper 3 days old - 2014

Jasper 3 days old

DRUM HORSE Gelding (premium)

Jasper 906 days old


Sandy Ridge Tam Lin

I've had the honor to own some pretty awesome horses through the years. 

Chalcedony Jasper is a 2014 Pinto Draft (solid) gelding and a son of Ruby by my registered Percheron stallion, Ricky.  Hessonite Garnet is his older full sister.  He is very playful, athletic and huge, far out-pacing his sister in size.  Jasper is a 16.1h draft size pocket pony at 2 years of age, an acrobat and a clown. I've owned him since birth, even loaned him my jacket the day he was born (he never returned it) because it was so chilly. I own his older sister and his dam. I used to own his sire who is now retired.

Jasper is a great horse for someone who wants to do "something" - hunting, jumping, ranch work, mounted patrol, TRICK HORSE. He's loving and friendly and would rather be with you than other horses. He likes to climb hayrolls like a mountain goat and give you heart attacks when you see it happening, then nimbly turn around and leap off. He's fearless, brave and handsome. His dam is a super people-oriented Pinto Draft mare, half Belgian, half Paint. Shes built like a sherman tank. His dam, Ruby, is my personal riding horse because she is so smooth, gentle and friendly.

Jasper is currently at the trainer's place formally learning to ride although we've sat and laid all over him his whole life. He's UTD on vaccs (had strangles in Nov 2014 - ugh), just had his feet trimmed (good with farrier) and will load into a breadbox of a trailer if you point him at it. I use the John Lyons method of training on all my horses, and it works wonders on the "thinkers" in the herd.

He's still growing, so you must like horses taller than 16h, possess lots of brushes and treats. He doesn't care about hoses, water, bathes or flyspray. Much like his amazing registered Percheron sire, Jasper only cares about being next to you and being worshipped with treats and hugs.

I expect Jasper to mature to nearly 17h and get about 1600lbs - broad like mom, tall like dad.

Newborn video
Weanling video
Yearling video
NEW!  Riding video

Possible payments to right home.  Sales contract will include first right of refusal should he ever be back on the market.  I accept Paypal.

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Tam Lin is a 2015 registered Clydesdale stallion.  He is 16h at 15 months old and is still growing.  He should mature to close to 18h tall like his parents.  Tam is a black splash/sabino overo and may also carry the rabicano gene.  He is extremely laid back and gentle.

Armageddon's Lord Elijah, Gus' great-grandsire

Julia and Jasper 16.1h at 2.5 yr old - 2016

Grandview Sir El Capitan, Gus' grandsire

Ryders Copper Du Vallon, Gus' sire

Ryders Copper Du Vallon, Gus'  sire

Deerinwater Dixie Fire Fly, Gus' dam

SOLD! Congratulations to Kerstin and Allen of Reno, NV!

Gustav Du Vallon, Drum stallion


Gustav Du Vallon, Drum stallion