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A&B Farms Polly is a 2006 registered 17.2h Percheron mare.  She is on lease to Painted Fantasy Stables in TN to raise Friesian crosses.

Columbian Queen is an exquisite 2005 registered 14.2h American Saddlebred mare.  She is also on lease to Painted Fantasy Stables in TN. I previously owned her amazing dam, Mocha's Irish Cream.

Alabaster Rose is my very first Pinto Draft mare.  SDHR #M30320-1.  She was born in ND and stands 15.1h.  I got her as a yearling in 2001. She is a bay tobiano 1/2 Shire by my Shire stallion Sharps Rose 2nd.  She's a true pleasure to handle and ride. 

Do you see the white rose on her hip?

Hannah Banana is a 15.1h retired Denver CO black Percheron carriage horse.  She was saved from the kill pen at an auction in Fort Collins in 2014.  She's 23yrs old, beyond bombproof and LOVES people, especially girls with treats!  She's the best companion mare for my girls. Hannah passed peacefully in her sleep in early 2017.  She will be missed.

Sadly missed, never forgotten...

The ladies of Reddy Ranch


Rubies and Pearls  is a broad 1/2 Belgian chestnut tobiano Pinto Draft mare SDHR #M30319-1 who carries the bay agouti gene, barely pushes 14.2h, but she is definately the boss!  She is very curious and friendly and will follow you around the pasture relentlessly until you give her scratches and hugs. She is a little teapot, short and stout.‚Äč Currently in foal to Gus for a 2018 Pinto Draft foal - eligible for registration Pinto Horse Assn of America.

Ziggy Puckerz is a black Percheron mare who is generously on lease to me from a very good friend, Sandy Compton. Ziggy is a daughter of Esme, one of my first draft mares 16 years ago.                                       

Ziggy had twins May 1, 2017.  Despite extreme veterinarian intervention, the red dun colt was humanely euthanized the following morning for failure to thrive.

Hessonite Garnet is a 5 yr old registered 16h registered Pinto Draft mare.  She produced a loud sorrel overo filly by GUSTAV DU VALLON, our previous Drum stallion.  She is a daughter of Rubies and Pearls.