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THe best 

      things in life  


aren't Things.

teach your child to love a horse...                                                and they will never                                                   

​​     ...have money to buy drugs!

Youngstock and Babies

After 40 (where did the time go?!) years around horses, it's still fun to watch foals frolicking in the field on wobbly spider legs.  Occasionally foals and younger horses are offered for sale.  I don't have a lot of babies but the ones I do have make great family members.  My philosophy is to only breed for horses I would keep for myself first, and, to the eternal chagrin of my family, I often do.

The draft horses of Reddy Ranch are with us because their personalities are perfect for novices, beginners and children.  My riding drafts double as lesson horses for young novices and larger riders who may not get the opportunity to otherwise experience the fun of seeing the world from atop a horse's back.

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A Draft horse Makes the Perfect Family member